SoHo Management: About Us

Our first priority at SoHo Management is clarity. This industry is daunting and we try to make the details as crystal clear as possible. We work with the best casting directors and productions teams throughout the world getting our talent as much exposure as possible. We submit our roster of actors for castings/auditions throughout North America which will include castings for TV series, TV movies, feature films, indie films, print work and commercials. Being an actor is not easy and it takes dedication and commitment to be excellent. We will help guide our talent with advice and feedback throughout the process to encourage their career. Bottom line, we only get paid when our talent gets paid. This is how it should be. Here's some quick answers for the most popular questions:

What do you look for?

Children - They must have personality and confidence! We don't expect kids to come in with extensive training but they should be natural on camera and very confident. Ages 4-12

Teens - We would like teens to come in with some experience in film or theatre (local productions are fine) and be very confident and take direction well. If we can work with them and they can adapt and take direction well with natural ability, we will definitely take a look!

Adults - Should have some training or experience (film, tv or theatre productions). These can be indie project or local work as well.


Do you represent Union members?

Yes! We represent both non-union and union members? We are pleased to work with ACTRA, SAG-AFTRA and EQUITY.


Do I need to have experience to be represented?

This is a tough question. Most of the agents in Toronto will say yes and won't even look at you without a demo reel or built up resume/IMDB page. But...we strongly believe that there are some fantastic actors out there that are being missed. We pride ourselves on finding some diamonds in the rough that end up booking jobs with almost nothing on their resume! Casting Directors are always a little surprised when we send one of our talent in and they blow away the competition at the audition who has been working for years. So ideally having experience is wonderful and will make our job easier but it's not absolutely necessary to have extensive experience, we like the challenge!


How do I get representation?

We are very particular at SoHo. We like diversity in our talent. If you think you have the right look for either film/tv or commercials/print. Please send a picture and a brief description about yourself to Hillary at If she thinks there's a place for you on our roster then you will need to send in a self-taped audition. She will send you a few scripts to choose from. For younger kids, it's a super simple commercial. If you already have a demo reel and/or IMDB page, please send the links.


Message from the Agency Director

Our team is passionately dedicated to help train, develop, educate and represent actors of all ages through our family-like atmosphere. So often I hear unnerving stories about scam agencies where the model/actor (or parents) have spent a ridiculous amount of money and they have nothing but a few photos to show for it. You should be seeing a result for your time and investment. This is why we have started SoHo...for you. Many aspiring models/actors have no idea about the realities of this industry and are ill-prepared if they get signed on at an agency. We will prepare you with all the necessary direction, tools and information so you know what to expect from agency representation. From creating your image, to rates and commissions, even to working internationally, we will ensure that you are completely prepared to enter this industry whether professionally or more on a part-time basis (just for fun). 

Models and actors should never be required to take mandatory classes or training through their agency!  A good agent will help you develop your style/image and work with you throughout the process. Training with professional institutions for actors however is very much encouraged and we can help you get in contact with the right coaches for you at the best accredited acting institutions.

We encourage you to do your research and read the below laws regarding Talent and Modeling Agencies in Ontario:

We understand how exciting but intimidating the entertainment industry can be. So the more you are educated on how everything works beforehand, the better chance of success you will have in fulfilling your dream. Having someone who will stand behind you to guide, support and fight for you is what you need. On behalf of all of our team, we look forward to having you join us on this adventure and potentially representing you!


Tammy Godefroy

Agency Director